African Tourism Board launched

The African Tourism Board (ATB) was launched at the World Travel Market (WTM) Africa in Cape Town recently.

Initially founded in 2018 at WTM London, the board is expected to be a “new and collaborative voice to African tourism”. While it will be a partnership with private and public-sector members, the board does not intend to compete with existing national tourism bodies.

It was created by the International Coalition of Tourism Partners, itself based in Seychelles, Brussels, Bali and Hawaii. The ATB will seek to enhance and promote the sustainable growth, value and quality of travel on the African continent.

They have already established offices in the United States, India and Israel, which is considered an underserved market despite their high traveller numbers.

Alain St Ange from Seychelles was announced as the president of the board and Doris Woerfel was appointed as the CEO. St Ange is a former tourism minister to the top island destination, and Woefel is from Southern Cross Experience.

St Ange called for support and unity from the various stakeholders across the continent, and reiterated that they would not be telling countries what to do with their tourism. Instead, they would be a platform that would help build the brand of Africa.

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