Citrus launch event for 2022

The South African Embassy in Japan, in collaboration with the restaurant GARDEN HOUSE-Kamakura, will co-host the citrus launch event for 2022 citrus export season to Japan.

Venue: GARDEN HOUSE-Kamakura (Onari-cho 15-46, Kamakura-city, Kanagawa, JAPAN)

Date: 9-10 June 2022

                                                                                                                       (GARDEN HOUSE-Kamakura’s INSTAGRAM

“CAJYUTTA” grapefruit juice will be offered free of charge to all the customers ordering a meal on the day.
GARDEN HOUSE-Kamakura will also elaborate to offer the original menu below by using South African grapefruit on the event day.

・Gin and Tonic using SA’s grapefruit                                                  

・Carpaccio using SA’s grapefruit and local fishes                                                                  

The fresh SA`s citrus fruits are offered by the Citrus Growers Association in South Africa and by the importer ROYAL in Japan.

The venue is offered by GARDEN HOUSE-Kamakura, and the CAJYUTTA machine is leased from CAJYUTTA Co.Ltd in Japan.
The South African Embassy in Japan leads the process, links-up them and coordinates the overall arrangement. 

Enjoy a juicy SA grapefruit with us!

Please feel safe as closed, crowded and close-contact settings will be avoided due to covid-19 measures and that the venue will be hosted on an open terrace.