Out-of-Country Voter Registration (2014 Election)

Only South African citizens who are not on the voters’ roll are required to register.

To apply for registration, applicants must in person submit the completed application form (REC1/ OC form), together with their Green bar-coded identity document, valid Temporary Identity Certificate (TIC – valid for 2 months) or Smart Card and a valid passport  to the Special Registration Officer at those foreign missions where registration services will be rendered.

Eligibility to Register

To be eligible to register abroad, a person must:

a)     Be a South African citizen;

b)     Be 16 years of age or older;

c)     Possess a valid green bar-coded identity document, a valid Temporary Identity Certificate (valid for 2 months) or Smart Card;

d)     Possess a valid South African passport and

e)     Submit in person the application form, the identity document and a valid passport to a Special Registration Officer appointed by the Commission for that purpose.

Please note: Only a green bar-coded ID, a valid Temporary Identification Certificate or a Smart Card are accepted for registration purposes.  No other document will be accepted.

Registration Dates

Registration will be open during the Embassy’s normal office hours until 7 February 2014 and the weekends of 18/19 January 2014 (9:00 – 17:00) and 25/26 January 2014 (9:00 – 17:00).